Successful operation changing the 'not customer serviceable' battery on my TomTom satnav. A couple of months I mentioned to my wife that it didn't seem to be clipping into the car mount as well as it did before. Turns out the battery had ballooned and so slightly distorted the PCB with the mount connector on.

I love the Acorn Archimedes RISC OS, so when I spotted a clock in the style of the operating system - well, what could I do...

Now it hangs on my office wall looking splendid, although I may sacrifice accurate time for a peaceful non-ticking sound life 🙃

#retrocomputing #acorn #riscos

Was an early start this morning; 6.30 in the woods an hour from home to start putting out controls in the dark. All worth it to see the many happy runners finishing later in the day (in the glorious sun) ranging in age from under 10s to over 80s. Some fast times too:

Love these old interviews with the UNIX team. So many new-at-the-time concepts that are still the main way to do things today. And they're just another bunch of nerds forced by corporate to give awkward demos to the camera :p

The "guardrails" to stop powerful LLM chatbots from emitting bad advice or offensive text can be easily bypassed – and it's unclear whether there's a viable fix

See below for an example of how gibberish can make a bot break its safety rules


Original tweet :

http status code breakdown
1xx - you need to do it
2xx - we did it
3xx - go do it over there
4xx - you can't do it
5xx - we can't do it

My first #PortfolioDay! I’m Paul and I’m an artist that uses modern code to create unique works using vintage pen plotters, which I also collect and repair as needed. My works are typically in CMY color but I also do monochrome or other specialty inks. I can do up to 36”x48”.

🚀 Boosts appreciated! Cheers!

#PenPlotter #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #MastoArt

"Scientists say that [orienteering] - which draws on athleticism, navigational skills and memory - could be useful as an intervention or preventive measure to fight cognitive decline related to dementia."

My orienteering club, WAOC, has active members in their 80s and 90s.

Was going to order something, then I noticed these bullshit reviews on their website. At the time of writing, it's 20th Jan.

Just seen the news that M.C. #Escher ‘s work is now in the public domain. One of my most memorable trips to a gallery was the Escher Palace in The Hague. Don’t dismiss his art as just maths - it shows an understanding for sure, but that enabled him to break the rules.

Pleased to find a few MapRun courses available while stuck in Cadiz today. Trying to find a map and then get it printed was more of an ordeal. Used my internal logic to pull down the usually hidden course metadata, munged it over a Citrix virtual desktop over 3G into PDF and then emailed reception on the cruise ship for printing. Topped the leaderboard on the 'Dificil' course, but everyone else mis-punched, so a hollow victory (too many tourists to be quick!):

I'm getting up close to the giraffes. Meanwhile, the wife and daughter have found a cat.

For sale, vintage Cashew Butter. Never used, one careful owner. Slightly sticky jar

Most of you have never heard of Lynne and Bill Jolitz, nor do many of you have any awareness of the giants they really are, being the birth parents to not just three daughters, but also UNIX for this online, interconnected world we all live in, and affording us just sbout every single realtime convenience we all have the luxury of taking for granted.

Bill passed away earlier this year. Here's his story (your story, actually) from the woman who birthed that UNIX with him and gave us #386BSD (#Jolix), from which #NetBSD, followed by #FreeBSD, then #OpenBSD and #DragonflyBSD owe their direct lineage.

It was the beginning of free UNIX software for the masses.

#tallship #FOSS #UNIX #William_Jolitz #Lynne_Jolitz #CSRG #BSD


Loving watching Who Killed The KLF on Sky Arts. Drummond and Cauty - what geniuses. And Last Train To Transcentral is still amazing over 30 years later

Good run today in really grotty woodland in Suffolk. Running up to the longest course and only 4 mins off the lead (oddly, it felt really slow at the time). Needed to train the daughter to remove thorns from my feet with tweezers afterwards.

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