Well, that was a near miss. The PA amplifier broke (front panel on, DSP operational, but no output and fan not running) after the sound-check while we were waiting to start meaning a lot of confusion and panic. When you have individual monitors and a subwoofer, it's not always obvious what's gone wrong.

Luckily a) I still had the old PA in the garage and b) the gig was only 1.5 miles from home, so a quick drive and rewiring got us up and running only around 10 minutes late.

Don't want to slag this off too much as it is a cause close to my heart (so have removed anything too incriminating), but this is the worst mix of fonts known to man

Got asked this after about 10 minutes of doing a survey about holiday preferences

NetBSD 10 proves old tech can still kick apps and take names three decades later

Proper old-school Unix, not like those lazy, decadent Linux types FOSDEM 2024  NetBSD 10 marks a new level of maturity for this venerable open source Unix system, which somehow manages to be both modern and retro at the same time.…
#theregister #IT

Daughter: You could be in Taylor Swift's backing band
Me: Huh?
Daughter: Yes, they're all really old especially the bass player


Not sure I like this weird Windows domain-joined *nix box I found in an episode of The Simpsons, but at least the permissions look OK.

Tiny ray tracer code explained by @coprolite9000 :


"Go to an old cemetery. See all the baby graves from before the 1950s & 60s? After that, hardly any. That's when people started vaccinating their children against deadly childhood diseases. If you're unsure what to do to protect your kids, the answer is literally written in stone." — Michael Okuda

Without vaccines, many transmissible diseases were once an early death sentence. People are so quick to forget how fortunate we are to have access to them.

After the Peugeot 404 Cabriolet and Coupé, today the saloon/sedan. I couldn't locate a photo of my own - a literal case of '404 not found'. Happily Peugeot obliges with this visual gag, which is what you get if you lose your way on the company's website. Surely this is the best 404 error message page out there. #Peugeot #404NotFound #WeirdCarMastodon #davidsdailycar

Successful operation changing the 'not customer serviceable' battery on my TomTom satnav. A couple of months I mentioned to my wife that it didn't seem to be clipping into the car mount as well as it did before. Turns out the battery had ballooned and so slightly distorted the PCB with the mount connector on.

I love the Acorn Archimedes RISC OS, so when I spotted a clock in the style of the operating system - well, what could I do...

Now it hangs on my office wall looking splendid, although I may sacrifice accurate time for a peaceful non-ticking sound life 🙃


#retrocomputing #acorn #riscos

Was an early start this morning; 6.30 in the woods an hour from home to start putting out controls in the dark. All worth it to see the many happy runners finishing later in the day (in the glorious sun) ranging in age from under 10s to over 80s. Some fast times too:

Love these old interviews with the UNIX team. So many new-at-the-time concepts that are still the main way to do things today. And they're just another bunch of nerds forced by corporate to give awkward demos to the camera :p


The "guardrails" to stop powerful LLM chatbots from emitting bad advice or offensive text can be easily bypassed – and it's unclear whether there's a viable fix

See below for an example of how gibberish can make a bot break its safety rules

Info: theregister.com/2023/07/27/llm

Original tweet : nitter.fdn.fr/TheRegister/stat

http status code breakdown
1xx - you need to do it
2xx - we did it
3xx - go do it over there
4xx - you can't do it
5xx - we can't do it

My first #PortfolioDay! I’m Paul and I’m an artist that uses modern code to create unique works using vintage pen plotters, which I also collect and repair as needed. My works are typically in CMY color but I also do monochrome or other specialty inks. I can do up to 36”x48”.

🚀 Boosts appreciated! Cheers!

#PenPlotter #GenerativeArt #CreativeCoding #MastoArt

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